Livorno and surroundings

Livorno is not only a door to the sea of Tuscany but is even a city to discover and live with its coast, its seabeds, its hinterland with the Natural Park of Livorno Hills, the Medici water channels, the historic neighborhood of “Venice”, the Mascagni Terrace.

Its hinterland is the ideal destination for hiking, horse riding and mountain biking.

The locality of Quercianella is surrounded by lush quiet nature. Its rugged coastline is popular with tourists looking for relax and cool climate. The private bathing establishments offer a lot of entertainment and water sports.

It is one of the most popular towns of the Thyrrhenian Coast, well known in Italy and abroad for its natural beauties and for the quality of services it offers. Far from the greater roads, Castiglioncello has remained partially unknown and pristine until modern times.

Rosignano consists in many localities, among which there is Rosignano Solvay. Besides the famous factories in the area of Solvay, here are gathered a lot of small companies. The agricultural activity is still present and mostly focused on vineyards and cereals. There are even some companies producing oil and some livestock farms. The town of Rosignano was recently built but the locality of Rosignano Marittimo has a more ancient history.

Immortalized by the verses of Giosuè Carducci in the poetry “Davanti a San Guido”: <<I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar…>>, this village has a unique charme.
Just a few km from the sea surrounded by the countryside rich in vineyards and olive groves, the town is characterized by the red brick castle from which you enter the village, paved alleys ans anciet stone palaces decorated by geraniums.
Along the Wine Road born the DOC labels of Bolgheri, Val di Cornia and Bibbona and wines such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia, famous all over the world.

The long free beach (5 km) offers a lot of entertainments from the underwater fishing to surf, from the sailing school to, skating, tennis and beach volley. The tourist area extends from the Etruscan Coast to the pine forest of Pietrabianca and from the residential area of Molino a Fuoco to Mezzanta. In ’98 – ’99 – 2000 this beach was awarded with the blue flag, and the same was for Castiglioncello.

Sanctuary of Montenero
The Sanctuary of Montenero is linked to the small town, located in the valley, from a cable railway. Built at the beginning of 1900, the cable railway was the main conneting route between the Sanctuary and Piazza delle Carrozze, in the center of town. Today the cable railway is lined with a panoramic road leading to the Sanctuary. The cable railway is linked to the public transport network of Livorno and can carry almost 580 persons every hour; it holds two records: in 1908 was the only one electric cable railway in Italy and today is the only one with photovoltaic panels.

It has always been a marine city, even being located 20 km from the sea, it has been one of the main naval centers of Italy, it was one of the historic four Marine Republics. The middle ages has been the best economic period for the city, in that period was built the urban structure of the historic center, many religious palaces, squares and alleys along the Arno. Actual appearance of the city is not due to a regular development around the original core, as you can think, but around the river.

Park of di San Rossore
The park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli was established in 1979 thanks to a regional law. Only the famous Natural Park of Maremma was established first in 1975. The territory of the park extends along the coast in the province of Lucca and Pisa, involving the towns of Massarosa, Viareggio, Vecchiano, San Giuliano Terme and Pisa. In ancient times the area was a marshland formed by the rivers Arno and Serchio. The reclamation works begin with the Medici and ended only during the fascist period leaving the 24.000 hectares of the park as they are now.




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